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Why UX Design is not expensive?

nasheel | 19 October 2022

The cost of user experience design and user interface design is often a challenge for startups that are looking to launch their products. Since these two services looks expensive, many in the industry often makes the mistake of ignoring their widely accepted importance. If money is your question, then this blog fits you the best. Continue reading to know more.

Fortunately, there are lots of ways to save money when it comes to UI/UX design.  In this post, we will discuss why UX Design is not expensive and the factors that affect its price. Let’s dive in

What is UX Design?

User Interface also known as UI refers to the design of the screen or pages that appear to the user. Some people also call it the website design or the app design. However, it’s not just about aesthetics. It involves functionality, user experience and accessibility. UX is the experience that a customer or a user will get while using the app or on a website. It impacts their decision-making or the actions they take on your app or website. It’s the journey which would help you in designing an interactive user interface that’s easy to use and meets customer expectations

Common misconceptions about UI/UX designing

There are many misconceptions about UI/UX designing. Here we are mentioning some of them:

  • UI and UX both are same: This is the most common misunderstanding about user interfaces and user experiences. The role of UI design in UX design is important, but it is not the only part. UX is a multi-step strategic design process aimed at producing a product. UX is a strategic design process aimed at creating a product or website.
  • All about looks : While designing the interface, it’s not only about making it look good. It involves functionality, user experience and accessibility.
  • Design is optional for product launch: If you are launching a product online, you have to consider its responsive design and the ease of use of the website or app. It will help you increase your conversion rates and draw more customers.
  • Its Expensive: UI/UX designing is not about how much money you are spending. It’s about how much time you invest. The cost of a project depends on the app’s requirements and the number of screens or pages that need to be designed. You have to invest in the design of your product and make sure that it’s easy to use.
  • Anyone can do it: Very often we come across cases, where IT engineers or Product founders start designing the application by themself and ends up spending money on designs which never brings the results you aimed for. Clubbing UI and UX, is an exception art which requires research and deep understanding of how User would react against the experience he had inside the application.

Why UX design is not expensive?

A high-quality app design cannot be inexpensive. Including UX in your development process does not imply adding time or money to your budget. It entails making better and more efficient use of your resources. A well-designed user interface can increase the conversion rate of your website by up to 200%, and a better UX design can increase conversion rates by up to 400%.

Factors affecting the price of UX design

First of all, it’s important to understand that the price of any product or service depends on multiple factors. Let us look at the factors that impact the UX design cost.

  • The budget allocated: The first and the most important thing is your budget. If you have a limited budget, you have to consider the cost of the product while making your purchase decision. Select the one that is within your budget.
  • The number of pages to design: The number of screens or pages that need to be designed influences the price of a project. If you are creating a simple app with a few screens, the design cost will be low. However, if you are creating an app with multiple features, the cost will be higher.
  • Skills and experience of the designer: The skills, experience, and expertise of a designer determine the price. If you hire a newbie designer, you will have to spend less for their services. But, if you choose an experienced and skilled designer, you have to spend more.
  • Type of app: The popularity of an app determines the cost of its UX design. The more popular the app is, the more expensive it is. The type of app you want to build also impacts the price. For example, If you have an idea for a health app, it will be cheaper than an app for dating.

Impacts of bad UX design

There are some results of bad UX design that you should know. If a product has a poor user experience, people will leave the page or the app. If the design is not visually appealing, the user will not like it and will leave the site. If the design is complicated, customers will find it difficult to use. If it’s not accessible to everyone, people will not be able to use it. It will impact your sales and conversions and will also affect your brand name. Users will not recommend your app or product to others.

Results of a good UX design

Studies show that companies that invest in UX see lower support costs as well as lower costs of customer acquisition. Research also shows that on average, every dollar invested in UX services brings 100 dollars in return. If the team designs a product with good UX, you will see some positive results. Your visitors will stay on the site longer and will return more often. People will recommend your app to others. Your sales will increase and so will your profit margins. Your brand will get recognition and people will trust it. 

Bottom line

We all know that investing in a good product or service is important. If you have an online presence, you have to consider an interactive UI/UX design. It will help you increase your conversion rates, and you will earn more. All these things will help you grow your business and make more profit. If you have limited budgets, you can also consider designing your product as you cannot ignore the importance of having an attractive design.  

For a hassle-free way to enhance your user experience, get in touch with our team today. Optimize your user experience, increase and retain users, and transform digital touchpoints on apps and portals.


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